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Doctor Who Soundtrack

The Caves of Androzani Vinyl DLP

Double LP £24.99

Release Date: 25/11/2013

Discs: 2

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Pressed on Transparent Purple Vinyl in a four colour gatefold sleeve, this double LP of the Classic Who soundtrack is being released as part of Silva Screen's 50th Anniversary Doctor Who celebrations.

The Caves of Androzani was Roger Limb’s seventh of eight contributions to the series, and the first of his two very successful collaborations with director Graeme Harper. Broadcast in March 1984, the 4 episodes showed the regeneration of The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) into The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker). In 2009 The Caves Of Androzani was voted the best in the history of the series by fans.

The pressing will be limited to 500 copies and released on the 25th of November.

1 Doctor Who (Opening Theme)
2 Androzani Minor
3 Gun-Runners
4 Morgus and Chellak
5 Death Sentence
6 Sharaz Jek
7 Death Under the Red Cloth
8 Androids
9 Next Time It'll Be for Real
10 Nobody Lives for Ever

1 Spectrox
2 Salateen
3 Exile
4 Clever Little Android
5 Two Kilos, What a Deal
6 The Magma Beast
7 Blind Fools
8 Tear His Arms Out
9 Stage Three
10 Geostationary Orbit

1 The Girl Will Be Alone
2 Peri Abducted
3 Vertical Descent Pattern
4 It Could Have Been Worse
5 Do You Think I'm Mad?
6 The Doctor Pursued
7 Mud Burst
8 Morgus and Stotz

1 Face Off
2 Morgus Kaput
3 Not Beaten Yet
4 Milk of the Queen Bat
5 Return to the TARDIS
6 Is This Death?
7 Doctor Who (Closing Theme)